Brexit and changes in the definition of exporter have all played a role in complicating trade in Europe. However, TecEx has made it our mission to find the best possible solutions to ensure our customers can continue with business as usual. With the specialised ability to act as both Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) for Tech and Medical companies in the UK & EU, TecEx is the ideal partner for those needing assistance in navigating the complexities of Post-Brexit trade.

Find our extended blog of how TecEx handles the complexities of Brexit here. Read on to see how we solve your Brexit headaches:

IOR Solutions

Acting as IOR comes with significant legal and financial risk, with the entity acting in this role being held responsible for ensuring all goods have the appropriate documentation and that duties and taxes are paid. Outsourcing your IOR requirements to TecEx means that we take on all risk on your behalf, ensuring a smooth transaction. For more information about IOR, click here.

IOR into Europe

TecEx has facilitated thousands of shipments into the EU over the years. Our established processes and in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements mean that our clients need not spend months researching the requirements for importing into each EU Member State, which have subtle yet important differences. Even the smallest of errors here can be costly and result in significant delays.

IOR into the UK

TecEx has an established process in place for importing into the UK. Having already facilitated thousands of international shipments into the UK, we have a proven record of quality and speed. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures we are on top of any and all changing compliance requirements and policies.

EOR Solutions

As with IOR, acting as the Exporter of Record comes with many responsibilities and significant risk, such as being held responsible for acquiring and documenting export clearance requirements. Recent changes in policy now dictate that in the EU this exporter must also have an EU registered entity with a physical presence. For more information about EOR, click here.

EOR out of the UK

One of the most significant benefits that TecEx can offer UK clients is access to our Open Individual Export License (OIEL). This license is difficult to obtain and places significant risk and burden on the holder. Having access to this license means our clients need not apply for their own Standard Individual Export License (SIEL), cutting down lead times by weeks and saving on risk. These benefits are so significant that many of our clients who hold their own licenses choose to make use of ours due to the peace of mind we provide and the greatly reduced risk to their business.

EOR out of Europe

For those UK or international Tech and Medical companies who were previously exporting directly out of the EU, TecEx can offer a solution which negates the need to go through the costly and laborious process of setting up an EU entity. Having an EU entity already registered for exporting allows our clients to continue functioning as usual despite policy changes.


This full service offers:

Handling of all your
compliance burdens

Utilise our expert knowledge of IT and Medical Compliance requirements

Handling of last-mile delivery, as well as international logistics if requested

The upfront payment of all duties and taxes on your behalf

Accurate ETA and landed cost calculation, including duties and taxes

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