Retail Fitment at Your Fingertips

It’s estimated that supply chain disruptions cost organizations around the globe an average of $184 million per year.  

Smooth and timely delivery for brands and retailers around the world is a tall order – especially when multiple destinations are involved.  

Our client, a global retail innovation agency specializing in enhanced customer experience, needed help to quickly assist a massive player in the tech industry with digital displays in their retail outlets.  

They needed the same shipment of displays to be rolled out to more than 14 destinations around the world for their in-store launch.  

The Challenge

The client reached out for help with a global rollout of digital displays into multiple destinations. They were worried about several facets of the rollout, from customs requirements to permits and certifications for the actual display equipment.  

Outside of the logistical requirements for the shipment, the concerns presented were twofold. The first concern related to the dual-use nature of products being shipped – as they are heavily restricted for import in many countries. The second concern refers to time pressure in anticipation of a global launch. The client was unable to pinpoint a time estimate for the document sourcing and customs clearance which was weighing heavily on the client and threatened to derail their launch.   

In the destination countries, all shipments would also require an Importer of Record (IOR) as there was no local presence in any of the destination regions. They were also notified that some of the countries of exit would require an Exporter of Record (EOR) and would also need to export within customs compliance parameters.  

The Solution

By taking care of the IOR, EOR, compliance, and customs details – we removed the concern of supply chain interruptions and lagging timelines.  

Our compliance knowledge of multiple, often complex, destinations allowed us to advise and easily communicate with the client to source the correct import and export documents and permits for controlled items.  

Moreover, we were able to accurately predict timelines for delivery and predetermined customs duties and taxes.  

By offering project management, we could quickly manage all the shipments from start to finish, no matter the complexities – addressing the clients’ major concerns with our bespoke offering tailored to address their specific concerns.   

The Outcome

With the help of TecEx, the client was able to meet the time constraints and avoid costly mistakes or miscalculations. We could support our client quickly and efficiently, meeting their global launch date without incident. 

Ultimately our solution offered the client peace of mind from the start to the very end of the project.   

The TecEx Way

Contact TecEx to help with shopfitting, design, and architectural projects in foreign markets. Our global presence, project management, import compliance, and logistics network allow us to offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution for clients throughout the supply chain.  

Our team of experts allows you to service businesses, retail, stadia, and hospitality sectors in more than 200 destinations worldwide from a single touchpoint – opening your business to a world of opportunity.