TecEx was selected to be the project manager, Importer of Record (IOR) and compliance partner to a large technology firm which required a partner proficient in moving high value, large scale technology components cross-border and managing a complete enterprise-grade data centre build from end to end, across two separate sites.

The Process

The Project

The client, a developer and manufacturer of computer software, consumer electronics and related services, needed a specialist team to handle the import of almost US$100million worth of server rack and network equipment to the UAE. This formed part of a complete enterprise-grade data centre build. Our client required door-to-door shipping of server racks and network equipment from multiple vendors. Because the hardware had to be custom-built it also had to be sourced across multiple geographic locations and shipped into a single country over the three-month period.

The Challenge

One of the challenges facing the software company on this project was synchronizing the movement of tens of thousands of high-value technology components. Adding further complexity to the task was the fact that tax and import regulations in the UAE had recently changed and that the 2m tall, server racks required special handling and shipping. Such complexity would ordinarily cause delays in processing the required permits and documentation for customs’ release of goods.

How it was Handled

TecEx worked closely with as many as six of the client’s service integrators and hardware resellers to deliver within project timelines, while maintaining a 100% compliance record and ensuring zero damage of goods. Our on the ground team also managed the shipping process, engaging with in-country stakeholders and liaising to secure timeous and efficient processing of paperwork.


As one of the key partners of this new data centre, the project reiterated the attention to detail and practical experience that TecEx is able to bring to a business that operates in a highly complex and competitive environment. Our ability to confirm both costs and lead times upfront facilitated project momentum and synchronicity for this leading software provider. Back home, this valued partnership served to remind the TecEx team of its drive to deliver operational excellence to and through the business of technology.

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