What is a Data Centre?

Data Centres are facilities where companies store and manage their servers and hardware. This core service keeps their data secure and safe from damage, preventing huge data losses and breaches.

What is a Hyperscale Data Centre?

A hyperscale Data Centre is where the centre is owned and operated by the company whose hardware is managed there. For example, Apple, Microsoft and Google all operate hyperscale Data Centres. They’re usually larger than regular Data Centres and operate on a much bigger scale. They also perform better and process a higher volume of data.

Why are They Called Hyperscalers?

The word ‘hyperscaler’ comes from the term ‘hyperscale computing’. They’re agile, so they can ‘scale’ up or down based on business needs and traffic.

The TecEx Data Centre Solution

If you’re importing your hardware to a Data Centre facility, you’ll want to make sure your items clear through customs without any hassle. With TecEx, you won’t encounter any stuck shipments or customs compliance issues. That’s because we’re experts in customs and will act as your Importer of Record, ensuring your hardware arrives safely at its destination.

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