March 13, 2017

Find Out If You’re Entitled To A VAT Refund Right Now

Find Out If Youre Entitled To A Vat Refund Right Now

Lightning fast global IT deployment … And recover your tax!!!

As 21st century consumers, we have been privileged to see a number of massive changes in the way we access media. This has resulted in many providers embracing cloud-based technology as a way to effectively bring digital media to more users on a global scale. In order to meet this global need, the hardware infrastructure that supports this expansion, must be installed in multiple strategic locations around the world.

As we enter this new era, speed counts, and worldwide cloud-based service providers are trying to cut down lead times wherever possible. For value-added technology re-sellers, this means making worldwide shipping of IT equipment as quick and hassle-free as possible.

Here at TecEx, we understand that in order for a global technology re-seller to take advantage of this new trend in IT deployment you will need to be able to offer your clients what we call “buy local, ship global”. This means that you can offer your clients an alternative to global IT procurement with the option to purchase centrally and then ship globally using TecEx’s importer of record services. Global IT logistics is complex and the knowledge and practical knowhow are prohibitive even to the largest of organisations. Over and above the requirement for an importer of record, there are extensive compliance hurdles such as permits, certifications and registrations. TecEx offers an all-inclusive one stop shop which provides all the import assistance required to allow you to successfully fulfill these orders quickly, hassle free and most importantly while remaining 100% compliant.

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Over and above the compliance issues faced you also want your shipping method to allow for an import VAT (or Value-Added Tax) refund, in countries where such a refund is available. A common factor of the buy local, ship global model is that you/your client retains ownership of the equipment shipped overseas. In over 40 of the countries TecEx operates in, this allows for an import tax refund.

In summary shipping technology equipment globally is a sophisticated and complex logistical process. The equipment is highly controlled, requiring extensive import documentation and a local importer of record to ensure goods move through customs quickly and in compliance with local laws. TecEx’s global trade compliance services ensures these valuable assets don’t get stuck in customs, which can cause costly delays. We offer a comprehensive list of services, all under a single umbrella. We act as importer of record in over 120 countries, applying for all necessary import permits, while also arranging brokerage, clearance and local delivery. We can also get you your VAT refund where applicable.

TecEx operates an online portal which allows you to:

  • Obtain live upfront costing for global IOR service into over 130 countries.
  • Access the system 24 hours a day to self-quote at the click of a button.
  • Estimate duties and taxes, customs brokerage and handling costs upfront.
  • Obtain customs clearance lead times and approval lead times.
  • Get information on common certification and licencing requirements per shipment.
  • Access shipment status tracking from pick-up to final delivery.

You can also track your shipment door to door with the help of a personal client service executive who will help you every step of the way. Secure an importer of record, receive a VAT refund, and enjoy the best lead times all through meticulous transparent, hands-on service from TecEx. In a world where speed, compliance and accuracy counts more than ever, it pays to go with a professional.