Are you looking to expand your Amazon business into the Global Marketplace?

Many Amazon FBA sellers are overwhelmed by the Amazon FBA import process – and we don’t blame them! It is a complex process that requires extensive knowledge and experience. As Amazon has strict shipping guidelines, here is a list of factors to consider to ensure your first international shipment with FBA goes well.

Amazon FBA checklist tick boxes

1. Register for your VAT number

You require a foreign VAT registration (particularly in the EU) as an FBA seller if you have surpassed the VAT distance selling registration threshold or store your goods at one of Amazon’s warehouses. We can put you in touch with our parent company, VATIT, who can help facilitate the VAT registration process.

2. Use a Reputable Freight Forwarder or 3rd Party Logistics Company

Instances such as COVID-19 and Brexit have caused freight prices to fluctuate significantly. It’s essential to have a trustworthy freight partner who will provide reasonable rates and add valuable services to your shipment.

At TecEx, we cooperate with our trusted partners and carriers, who fully understand the process and requirements of getting shipments successfully delivered to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers.

3. Arrange Shipment With a Customs Broker or Importer Of Record

No Amazon seller enjoys having their inventory stuck in customs or missing out on potential sales. As Amazon will not serve as an IOR for any shipment of FBA inventory, our Importer of Record and Logistics service fills a gap that few others can service.

We take on the full legal responsibility for your import and use our local legal entity to clear your shipment through customs. We arrange and manage the international transport and local delivery of your inventory to the Amazon warehouse in-country.

4. Perform a Pre-Shipping Inspection

There are many Amazon FBA packaging and labeling requirements (weights, labeling & carton measurements) when shipping your goods to their warehouse. It’s essential to do pre-shipping inspections to prevent your goods from being delayed or rejected by Amazon.

5. Accurately Calculate and Pay Duties, Taxes, and Shipping Costs

It is important to note that Amazon does not take responsibility for any duties or taxes that your shipment might be subject to. Therefore, make sure that customs clear your shipment and that any tax or duties, or other charges are prepaid before being delivered to Amazon. Otherwise, your shipment will be rejected upon arrival.

Due to the complexity of importing and exporting FBA inventory, accurate cost calculation is a common pain point. Not only are costs continually changing, but many variable costs are often overlooked during initial pricing. For example, German customs require that the declared price of goods be calculated using the ‘Deductive Method’ (the cost of the goods is no longer accepted as the import value). TecEx has made it our priority to become the single point of contact to cost and manage your project. Our years of experience have ensured that no costs are overlooked, and our pricing database is always up to date.

We manage everything in between pick-up to final delivery at the Amazon Fulfillment Centre. Contact us now!