Whether your business is moving newly-purchased IT equipment to a Data Center or relocating IT equipment from one Data Center to another, international Data Center migration poses multiple risks and challenges. Such difficulties include transporting equipment, designating an Exporter of Record (EOR) and Importer of Record (IOR) and ensuring that your equipment reaches its destination safely, without running into compliance issues.

TecEx’s global capabilities will empower you to import IT equipment into over 200 countries and territories around the world – completely hassle-free. We provide an end-to-end solution for the deployment of high value technology components, enabling clients to focus on their core business, while we take care of the rest. TecEx will seamlessly manage the entire shipping process on the client’s behalf: co-ordinating freight, obtaining the licenses and permits, filing the necessary documentation as well as paying over all duties and taxes.


Data Centre Relocation Services

What is Data Center Migration?

Data Center Migration, or Data Center Relocation, involves moving IT equipment from one Data Center to another. The current Data Center may no longer satisfy the clients’ needs or their IT equipment may be better utilised in a different location or country, prompting the need to move high value technology equipment to a new Data Center in a separate location.


Where can I find Data Center Migration services?

TecEx’s comprehensive, door-to-door importer solution is perfectly suited to providing for your migration needs. We can act as the Exporter of Record in the origin country, safely transport IT equipment to another country, act as the Importer of Record in the destination country, perform all compliance & import tasks and finally deliver the equipment to the new Data Center. Our wealth of experience and team of compliance experts make the importing process completely seamless & lightning fast.

TecEx’s wealth of experience moving networking equipment to and from global Data Centers for some of the worlds largest cloud providers, infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) companies and end users means we can ensure the logistics, compliance work and the IOR services are managed seamlessly.


How can an Importer of Record help with Data Center Migration?

Whichever country you migrate your tech equipment to, an Importer of Record is required to import the equipment. This importer must have a local entity which is set up for importing & which understands all the various compliance & licensing risks related to the import. Using TecEx as an Importer of Record will ensure that your Data Center relocation process runs smoothly and is 100% compliant with all laws & regulations.

As a practical example, many cloud providers or software companies that provide online services on a global scale will be headquartered in one country, i.e. the United States, but require their services to be offered to their customers with as little latency as possible, in many other countries. To ensure low latency, these companies often have duplicate sites hosted on servers in the countries where they serve their customers. Companies based in the United States might not have registered entities in all the countries that require their service offering and without an Importer of Record, to act as the importing entity on behalf of their US entity, they will not be able to import their goods into the destination country. Having an Importer of Record is a key requirement in the deployment of hardware to a Data Center or migrating hardware from one data center to the next.


What is the best practice for Data Center Migration?

Moving IT equipment to a new Data Center is a complicated task. A thorough and detailed plan should be prepared, which takes the following into account:

  • Who will be responsible for uninstalling the equipment from the current Data Center?
  • Who will be the party responsible for safely transporting the equipment from the current Data Center location to the new site?
  • Which entity will act as the Exporter of Record in the country of origin?
  • Which entity will act as the Importer of Record in the destination country & who will perform customs brokerage and clearance activities?
  • Who will make final delivery of the equipment to the new Data Center?
  • How will the equipment be installed at the new Data Center?

TecEx can ensure seamless delivery of data center equipment into over 200 countries and territories. Our team of experts can handle the complexity of the Data Center Relocation while ensuring the client experiences a hassle-free, high-quality service.


What are the risks involved in Data Center Migration?

Relocating high value technology equipment between Data Centers in different countries is a risky and complicated process:

  • Sensitive and expensive IT equipment risk being damaged during their removal from a Data Center by inexperienced engineers or during an unsupervised transportation process;
  • Missing import licences or incorrectly disclosing information to Customs Officials in the importing country could result in the equipment being held by customs for far longer than expected, or even being permanently seized and destroyed.

TecEx provides peace-of-mind to any business that wants to migrate IT equipment between Data Centers by offering a fast, safe & 100% compliant Importer of Record solution into more than 200 countries and territories. Contact us now for a comprehensive quote that suits your shipping needs!


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