Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)

TecEx streamlines the distribution of IT and Medical Equipment with our Delivered Duty Paid solution.

What is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)?

The incoterm Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is a delivery agreement between an international shipper and receiver. If goods are shipped with DDP terms, the shipper is responsible for the entire shipment until final delivery.

Outsourcing to TecEx removes all the risks and responsibilities of DDP shipping.

Shipper’s Risks in a DDP Shipment

All risks associated with acting as both the Importer and Exporter include:

  • Audit risk;
  • Financial risk;
  • Legal risk and;
  • Operational risk.

The shipper is liable for any loss or damage to goods throughout the entire shipping process.


Shipper’s Responsibilities in a DDP Shipment

  • Prepare all shipping documents.
  • Pre-approve all parts of the transaction.
  • Apply for all required licenses and permits.
  • Arrange international transport using our global carrier accounts.
  • Clear items through customs at the required destination/s.
  • Arrange final delivery to the specified destination/s in-country.
  • Make all payments on your behalf, including taxes and duties.
  • Assist with financing your transaction, if needed.


The TecEx Way: Pre-Shipping

Pre-shipping compliance

Our dedicated research and compliance teams have built up an extensive country and product database. We provide up-to-date insights into the myriad of pre-compliance requirements for each country. This includes accurately identifying product codes, classifying HS codes and ECCN numbers, and sourcing all necessary documentation.

Apply for All Licenses and Permits

We apply for all necessary licenses/permits and compiles the shipment pack on your behalf. We ensure this is done correctly to cut lead times. Our clients also enjoy access to our established Import licenses where necessary.

Accurate Cost Calculation 

We provide our clients with accurate, upfront costing. This includes customs import costs, duties and taxes, IOR fees, freight costs, and liability coverage.


The TecEx Way: In-Transit

Arrange pick-up of goods.

Once all pre-compliance has been approved, we pick up the goods from the desired location. This can be but is not limited to an office, warehouse, or directly from the manufacturer.

Manage Global Logistics

TecEx is carrier agnostic and happy to work with any carrier our clients choose. When we facilitate your global logistics, we can more effectively manage the shipment. Our excellent relationships with the top freight providers allow us access to the best service at the lowest possible rate, passing these savings on to you.

Customs Clearance In-Country

We will appoint one of our trusted brokers to accept responsibility for the goods and pay the duties and taxes. Our stringent pre-compliance checks mean we can guarantee first-time clearance.


The TecEx Way: Post-Clearance

Organize Storage 

If needed, we will use our extensive network to coordinate the secure storage of your valuable goods. With private storage facilities in several destinations, your goods will always be in safe hands.

Final Delivery

By providing final delivery to any agreed-upon addresses, we remove the need for secondary transport arrangements. For those shipping to data centers, it also means you do not have to rely on a third party to pick up your goods at the port.

Down to the Wire

When we say we provide white-glove service, we mean it. Upon final delivery, we will organize all equipment needed for the safe and secure installation of goods in their final space. Be it a forklift, crane, or a simple trolley, TecEx has it covered.


How are Fees Calculated?

We provide a custom pricing structure on major global projects. Our experienced pricing team will develop the most efficient and economical solutions to even the most complex international projects.


It is billed as a percentage of the commercial value of the shipment.


Charges that the government levies on all imports. Even free trade agreements require a declared commercial value upon which duties and taxes are levied.


All charges relating to clearing the shipment through customs and effecting local delivery.

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