Intricate circuit board with a micro-chip illustrating the tech Sector

Technology Sector

High value, encrypted, or dual-use, TecEx has a tailored tech import or tech export solution to get your goods where they need to go, seamlessly.

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TecEx Medical Logo

Medical Sector

With the outbreak of Covid-19 highlighting the import difficulties faced when conducting clinical trials, TecEx has been pushing to find a way to help. Our medical product is the result of these efforts. 

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Boxes on a conveyor belt in Amazon FBA fulfillment centers

Amazon FBA Fulfilment Centers

TecEx acts as your Importer of Record & manages all customs clearance, import compliance, and logistics obstacles, giving you the time to focus on expanding your Amazon business worldwide.

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Aerospace Sector

Leveraging years of experience, expert compliance knowledge and strong partnership with the Aviation Logistics Network, TecEx can offer far-reaching solutions for the Aerospace industry with time-sensitive tasks globally.

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Large freight van moving over a bridge illustrating logistics providers

Logistics Providers

We are not a logistics provider; we provide import and export expertise to complement logistics companies' transport specialties.

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