How TecEx Services the Medical Sector

With the outbreak of Covid-19 highlighting the import difficulties faced when conducting clinical trials, TecEx has been pushing to find a way to help. Our services for the medical sector are the result of these efforts.  

The TecEx medical IOR service focuses specifically on streamlining the import process for Clinical Trials. With several top CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and Sponsors already using our services, we aim to provide a risk-free solution. We effectively handle the shipping process and simplify imports for medical trials.   

The TecEx Solution

We use our extensive knowledge of international import compliance to offer a hassle-free, reduced-risk option for CROs and Sponsors. TecEx offers a 100% accurate landed cost quote, with detailed ETAs for each stage of the shipment. Our DDP solution covers all your import needs, including acting as as your dedicated Importer of Record (IOR).

By signing our name on the import documents, we take on the risks and responsibilities of importing the goods and getting them cleared through customs on the first attempt, letting you relax, comfortable in the knowledge that your importing needs are being taken care of.