What is a UK Exporter of Record?

A UK Exporter of Record (“EOR”) works with businesses looking to export goods from the UK. The UK EOR acts on behalf of the business to ensure that the goods are exported from the UK in a compliant manner and that the goods reach their intended destination safely.  The EOR is responsible for obtaining and presenting the necessary export compliance documentation, to both the UK authorities and the destination country’s authorities. This includes ensuring that all export regulations and laws are followed, to avoid fines, penalties and delays for themselves and their clients.

TecEx provides Exporter of Record services to a wide variety of businesses involved in exporting controlled and non-controlled items from the UK. Our compliance team is skilled in reviewing products to determine which licenses are required, and then obtaining the necessary licenses.

TecEx’s UK EOR product provides a professional EOR service out the UK and into 200+ destinations globally.

Why choose TecEx UK’s Exporter of Record Service?

The simple answer: TecEx UK will save you time and money and keep your business safe.

A key benefit of working with TecEx is that we hold a special open individual export license (OIEL) that will allow you the ability to export most controlled products to the majority of countries around the world, instantly and with no risk to your business.

Additionally, if our existing license is not appropriate for your specific shipment, we will apply for a standard individual export license (SIEL) for your shipment (~20 working days). Although in this scenario we can’t avoid a lead time; we will take care of all the paperwork and administration required, relieving the stress from your shoulders and ensuring that everything passes through smoothly, avoiding any delays or fines.

TecEx takes on the risk of acting as EOR and as export license holder – and remains liable to the authorities for all filings made – therefore totally removing any potential risk from the your entity. TecEx will manage all reporting, both per export and on an annual basis, as well as, documentation retention, inspections, compliance visits and audits carried out by the authorities for 7 years following the export.

Our dedicated team of experts keep us ahead of the curve, constantly working to stay up to date with any changes to export requirements, such as Brexit. This ensures that we can offer the highest level of service to businesses we work with, and ensures that they face no complications when exporting with us.

How are our UK EOR Service Fees Calculated?

Our experienced pricing team will develop the most efficient and economical solutions to even the most complex international projects.

Our quotes are instant and 100% accurate, giving you fully-landed costs and predicted delivery times for our UK EOR service.