Grow Your Business

Gone are the days where VARs had to turn down offshore opportunities or lose sales to local procurement.

The most common reasons for a VAR losing offshore opportunities:

  • The VAR does not have a local entity with an import license in the destination country.
  • The VAR does not have sufficient import knowledge and is unwilling to accept the risks of international trade.
  • The client is not willing to act as the importer and requests a DDP shipment.

Where can TecEx help?

Expand Globally With Offshore Opportunities

Access to the global market without the need for expensive and time-consuming research and development efforts.

Improve Your Global Trade Compliance Knowledge

Obtain the knowledge you will need for the safe and secure shipping of compliance heavy IT hardware.

A Full Door-to-Door DDP Service

TecEx enabled central procurement provides your client with the best DDP rollout scenario.