Tax: up to 22%

Duties: up to 6%

Restricted items: Second-hand Goods, Wireless Goods

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Lead times: 5-6 weeks

Best Carrier option: Freight Forwarder or Courier

Prominent Languages: Spanish, Quechua & Aymara

How TecEx Can Help You Import into Peru

TecEx offers some of the quickest turnaround times into LATAM in the industry. With years of experience clearing high-value shipments into even the most complex of destinations, TecEx provides a complete sleep-easy shipping solution into Peru. Because we apply for all licenses on your behalf, we can save time by acquiring and filing all documentation correctly the first time. Our thorough pre-compliance checks allow us to ensure first-time clearance without the costly delays often incurred when shipping highly regulated Tech and Medical equipment.

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The Complexities of Importing into Peru

Although Peru invests only a small portion of its GDP in innovation (0.08%), its fast-growing economy and new government programs make it a country to watch. Of particular significance is the Tech industry which has seen significant advancements since the introduction of these programs. Other initiatives aimed at growing the country’s Technological footprint have focused on training locals in skills such as coding.

However, as with many other destinations across LATAM, Peru is not without its complications. Both second-hand and wireless goods are labeled as restricted items and require additional compliance. Although importing these is not impossible, the licensing required when shipping wireless goods can take up to three weeks to acquire, making importing a lengthy process.

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