Your Global Door-to-Door Liability Cover

This is a global solution, covering the full extent of transit – from pick-up to final delivery, for either local or international movements to over 200 destinations. Best of all, it applies to all modes of transport – road, rail, sea and air!

TecEx Liability Cover

This is Not Your Standard Cargo Insurance

We cover the total replacement value – and yes, this includes your freight, tariffs, and import fees (with a 10% buffer!). 

With traditional cargo or maritime cargo insurance , you will need to opt in for an additional fee to cover your goods for their shipment value. Furthermore, this fee excludes the import costs and the cover is only applied while your goods are in transit.

TecEx vs Carriers Liability Cover

Your shipment will be covered for any damage, loss, or theft. Additionally, TecEx removes the admin burden, as we will submit the claim on your behalf should something go wrong along the way.

Why Do I Need Insurance Cover?

While measures and standard conventions are in place to ensure the safety of consignments – mistakes and unforeseen events do occur. This can range from a package shifting and denting midflight to a global event disrupting the supply chain. All of this comes together under the banner of risk management and this is where having insurance cover puts you in a safe position.