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Our Customs Compliance Solutions

We provide turnkey IOR services, Exporter of Record (EOR), and full door-to-door (DDP) solutions for each of the below sectors:

Technology Sector

From OEM to end-buyer, TecEx has a specialized solution tailored to you. Our expert knowledge and personalized service make shipping high-value IT equipment a breeze. For those in the technology sector, we offer customs compliance solutions to suit:

Medical Sector

TecEx Medical provides CROs, Sponsors, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, and Vendors  a comprehensive door-to-door import solution facilitating the entire import process. As customs compliance specialists, we can help you to import everything you need on time, with absolute confidence.

Aerospace Sector

TecEx and its logistics partners provide an integrated end-to-end solution for the cross-border movement of aircraft parts and components. Whether you are an Airline, manufacturer, AMO, or MRO specialist, we provide a faster and smoother import experience.

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