Cloud Computing in Australia: Trends and Policies in 2023

Cloud computing is big business. People from all industries have found it to be an efficient way of filing and managing data. In Australia, the cloud computing trend has shown no sign of slowing down. Instead, it seems only to be accelerating, with the adoption of cloud computing being officially endorsed by the country’s government.


Building Blocs: How the Indo-Pacific Free Trade Agreement Opens Up New Possibilities for the Data Center Industry

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) was ratified to advance economies at scale, create jobs, and improve trade relations among its members.


Connecting Africa to Europe

Google’s infrastructure investment along the western seaboard of Africa reflects the global inclination toward digital transformation in this relatively untapped region.

5 most challenging import destinations including Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Russia and India

5 Most Challenging Import Destinations

Not all importing is created equally – here are some of the more difficult import destinations around the globe.

US-China Trade War

A US-China Trade War Timeline

Everything you need to know about the US-China trade war. From a timeline of events to its unintended consequences on trade and industry around the world.

Semiconductors chip IOR

Tech Industry: AI Chips on the Verge of Drying Up

Taiwan is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years, adding strain to the world’s top producer of semiconductors.