Navigating customs duty authorities in foreign countries can be frustrating and unpredictable – especially when importing and exporting high value IT equipment. Each country has their own set of procedures as well as tax and import duty structures, which may cause complexities when estimating the cost to deploy hardware to data centres around the world.

By partnering with an experienced Importer of Record like TecEx, your business will know all imports duty charges and custom duties upfront – allowing you to plan accordingly. TecEx’s team of compliance experts have extensive experience and insight into the inner workings of customs authorities in over 200 countries and territories around the world. TecEx will seamlessly manage the entire shipping process on your behalf: co-ordinating freight, obtaining the licenses and permits, filing the necessary documentation as well as paying over all custom import duties taxes and charges. By choosing us as your Importer of Record, you can focus on doing what you do best, while we work hard to clear your goods in record time – completely hassle-free.

Customs Duties And Taxes

What is Customs Duty?

Customs duty is a specific tax or tariff charged on imported and exported goods upon arrival in customs.

How custom duty is calculated?

Custom duty is calculated based on a product’s harmonized (HS) code tariff system. Each country has different rates per product type, making duties both product and country specific.

What are the risks with Customs Duties?

As customs duties are both product and country specific, businesses may struggle to keep up with rates dictated by customs as they change regularly and differ vastly from country to country. This is a huge risk for companies deploying IT equipment to various foreign destinations as they are unable to forecast customs duties and taxes accurately. A second factor that poses a threat to businesses is the need to pay customs duties. Settling duties timeously is crucial to ensure efficient customs clearance.

Why choose TecEx to handle your international shipments?

We have strong global relationships with customs authorities in over 200 countries and territories and understand the intricacies of their requirements for successful customs clearance. Our specialist team has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best hassle-free service – enabling you to optimize your import duty costs. TecEx’s complete shipping solution for the cross-border movement of technology components allows organisations to unlock significant growth in new markets, and benefit from substantial supply chain efficiencies.

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