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As globalized as the world may seem, importing products across borders involves a lot of complexity and risk. It is not as easy as packing and shipping; it often boils down to a lot of red tape through varying compliance regulations and legal requirements

Don’t let confusing customs compliance requirements prevent your products from reaching the game.

Importing Products to the 2024 Olympics?

As one of the world’s largest sporting events, the Olympic Games draws in over 3.5 billion people worldwide. There’s every reason to want your company to have a presence in the 2024 Games in France.

From temporary stands to promotional gear and conference material, we can help you import you these with ease on tight deadlines.

Don’t let confusing customs compliance requirements prevent your products from reaching the game. Let TecEx get your gear over the line.

The Difficulties of Importing to Global Events

As you are aware – there are a lot of moving parts when organizing and attending global events. However, global event companies struggle to get their gear through customs.

There are a few challenges at play:  

  • Product classification: Ensuring compliance and accurate classification of imported goods. 
  • Country-specific regulations: What may be a crucial requirement in one region may be completely different for its neighbor. Furthermore, these regulations and restrictions change regularly, so staying up to date is a full-time job. 
  • Strict deadlines: Ensuring efficient and timely delivery to the dedicated locations within specified time slots. 
  • Stakeholder management: Many parties are usually involved in exporting, importing, and delivering goods, so effective communication is crucial.
Global Event Imports

What Gear Are You Importing/Exporting to Global Events?

We have worked across the supply chain, from promotional swag to branded sporting equipment.  

  • Pop-up stores or temporary stands: We specialize in importing shopfitting equipment and can facilitate your temporary set-ups at the Games. 
  • Brand awareness campaigns and building brand loyalty: TecEx can import your promotional goods and gifts to be handed out to the spectators.  
  • Display set-ups: Partner with us to get your advertising displays and banners for the event. 
  • Event sponsorships: Whether your company is sponsoring a specific event or partnering with a team or athlete, TecEx can assist in importing branded merchandise, equipment, and promotional materials to maximize your brand exposure.
  • Media events or press conferences: TecEx can assist in importing audiovisual equipment, signage, and promotional materials for media events and press conferences.

TecEx has successfully delivered over $3M worth of promotional goods

Getting Gear to the Games

Our global presence in over 200 destinations makes us the right choice for importing products to global events. Our bespoke services mean that no matter the product you want to send across borders, we will have a solution for you.

Global event crowd

Our value-adds: 

  • TecEx offers comprehensive door-to-door solutions, serving as the sole point of contact while coordinating with all involved parties. 
  • TecEx conducts rigorous compliance checks backed by years of experience and specialized processes to ensure seamless customs clearance. 
  • Our freight network enables ocean, air, and road freight options tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 
  • TecEx’s years of experience with international shipping ensure we have a deep understanding of customs procedures and formalities, allowing for a smooth and compliant customs clearance.

Game, set, and match.

Working with TecEx is a proactive approach to shipping dual-use goods that safeguards your global tech shipments from potentially devastating repercussions. Our expertise ensures smooth international trade operations, allowing you to focus on growth and expansion.