Shipping high-value IT hardware to foreign countries can be complex as it requires careful attention to detail. Most networking equipment used in data centers can be classified as dual-use goods because they could be potentially be used for military purposes. This has therefore led customs authorities to establish specific procedures, strict import export compliance and documentation requirements.


Trade Compliance Services

TecEx is a reliable trade compliance specialist in the deployment of high value IT hardware. TecEx’s team of import and export compliance specialists have practical experience and extensive knowledge of the stringent requirements for importing and exporting networking goods. TecEx can assist your business in deploying IT equipment to over 200 countries and territories around the world. Our team will not only assist you with import export compliance but will also manage the entire shipping process on your behalf: co-ordinating freight, obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, filing the required documentation and paying over all duties and taxes on your behalf. By choosing us as your Importer of Record, you can focus on doing what you do best, while we work hard to clear your goods in record time – completely hassle-free.

What is import export compliance?

Import export compliance are rules and regulations that set the tone for importing and exporting goods from one country to another. Import export compliance can also be known as trade compliance, which is performed by an importer of record.

What compliance documents are required for importing?

Each country has its own requirements when importing networking goods, making it difficult for businesses to know exactly which documents are necessary. This can cause huge delays as without the correct paperwork, goods could get stuck in customs for an indefinite period of time.

What will happen to my goods if the trade compliance documentations are incorrect?

The biggest risk of incorrect compliance documentation is the destruction of your goods. There are some circumstances where customs authorities may destroy goods should they be dissatisfied with the compliance or lack thereof. More commonly, if goods do not have the correct compliance documentation, licences and permits, they get stuck in customs indefinitely and/or incur unforeseen costs such fines, penalties and could face the possibility of seizure.

Why choose TecEx to handle your import and export compliance needs?

TecEx is a specialist Importer of Record with a wealth of experience. Our team of trade compliance experts will make your importing experience completely hassle-free. Before your goods are shipped, we will ensure that all documentation required for compliance purposes is correct, enabling efficient customs clearance. Our global relationships with customs authorities in 200 countries and territories will allow you to unlock untapped potential in new markets.

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