March 13, 2017

TecEx Relieves Pain Points In The IT Logistics Supply Chain

TecEx Relieves Pain Points In The It Logistics Supply Chain

The Right Importer Of Record Can Reduce Your Shipment Lead Times

Advances in media technology and consumer behavior are ushering in a transformation in the way digital content is delivered to consumers. In terms of video, for example, this change involves a shift from traditional broadcasting models and platforms to cloud-based digital distribution over the Internet to an ever-expanding array of connected devices. This fundamental migration away from old modes of broadcasting means that the scalability, agility, and cost flexibility of cloud computing is in demand now more than ever.

When cloud-based service providers such as Netflix, Amazon Web Services, and even Twitter and Facebook wish to reach new audiences globally, they need to be sure that their global IT infrastructure is in place to meet this demand. Every world-wide cloud-based service provider must get their IT equipment to other countries in order to offer their services to new global users. The issue is that these providers to not have the local infrastructure to facilitate the import of this equipment and therefore require an importer of record. As a technology re-seller, it’s your job to guarantee that telecommunications equipment (such as servers, router, switches etc), IT networking equipment, and other types of technology hardware reach their destinations, with minimal cost and on a predictable schedule. In order to fulfill the above requirement a value added reseller would need to seamlessly deliver to multiple destinations, providing full importer of record, customs compliance and tax services.

Here at TecEx, we recognize that delivering this highly-regulated telecommunications equipment is a complex endeavour. This type of equipment is referred to as a controlled commodity or dual-use item (equipment with military applications are treated with extra care at customs) in the global IT logistics trade and many complications can arise if the process is not handled professionally.

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This is why we offer full-scale global value-added distribution solutions to provide the relevant import assistance for technology re-sellers. Because cross border transactions are complex and represent a considerable cost to you and your clients, TecEx alleviates major pain-points in the technical logistics process.

Our full-scale Global Trade Compliance team provides an IT logistics service that ensures that your shipments clear customs in 136 countries first time, and that the method used to clear these shipments will allow for a tax refund where such a refund is available. We also provide a full list of VAT refund countries where you may be entitled to a tax refund.

We act as your Importer of Record, apply for requisite permits and ensure that all documents required by customs documents are accurate and populated correctly, including

  • Commercial invoices
  • Shipping waybills
  • Customs supporting documents (such as import permits, certifications, and clearing documents)

TecEx guarantees reduction and predictability in your shipment lead times and also ensures that you recover your import tax for customs transactions in over 40 countries. Our sophisticated online portal allows you to get an on-the- spot quote that is accurate and updated in real-time.

With one click you’ll get accurate DDP quotes including taxes, duties, brokerage and clearance costs for up to 136 countries. Track your live shipment, and communicate your progress with your own personal dedicated TecEx service executive who will liaise with the ground-team and provide updates at each step of the door-to- door delivery process — even if you use your own courier.

Whether the cloud-based IT goods you’re shipping are worth tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, TecEx covers a full-range of deliveries irrespective of value. Our import tracker, landed cost quotes, and hands-on service make us the perfect solution to your IT logistics needs.

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