Global Product Compliance Services

As a specialist importer and exporter of technology hardware, compliance is very much part of the TecEx DNA. TecEx maintains its own in-house global trade desks comprising finance, logistics, product specialists, and trade compliance professionals. This body of expertise enables us to focus on providing scalable global IOR and import compliance services to clients in the technology industry, and we are always looking to solve more of these challenges that our clients face.

Given the complexity and dynamic nature of standards and regulations for IT equipment, TecEx offers technical assessment, authorized representation, and expert project management of product certifications within India, China, the UAE and South Korea. These product compliance services allow  allows our clients to launch their products into these foreign markets without delay or other constraints.

Types of Certification We Offer

BIS, WPC & TEC Certification

BIS certification is highly nuanced and contextual, making for a long and often arduous acquisition process. Through years of experience in product and import compliance in India, we manage the entire BIS, WPC and MTCTE certification process on your behalf.

CCC Certification

All products require a China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) marking to import into China. Any failure to comply with this certification may result in the goods being seized at customs. TecEx has experience in ensuring compliant customs clearance into China.

KC Certification

South Korea is an attractive destination for trade as one of the most important industrial nations. Like the European CE marking, the KC certification ensures that all products imported to Korea meet specific safety standards.

ECAS Certification

The UAE is seeing a major increase of new mandatory regulatory conformity assessment systems. One of which is the Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme (ECAS), required in order to place your product into the market. TecEx handles all the complexities associated when importing products into this territory. 

How TecEx Can Help

Pre-Compliance Consultation

Assess your products and determine the correct standard requirements.

Registration and Application

Compile all required documentation for online and/or offline applications, such as test reports, machinery and equipment lists, trademark registration and authorization, inclusions (where applicable), undertakings, etc.

In-country Testing (where applicable)

We coordinate the standard IOR shipment of your samples to the destination country, as well as liaising testing and local delivery to the accredited laboratories.

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Local Representation

We act as your authorized representative in-country – the key point of contact for the government on your behalf. We are available for queries and recalls (when necessary) during market surveillance.

Product Marking

After being granted the license, we will advise on the Standard Mark and labeling requirements.

Ongoing Regulatory Audits

We monitor changes to country regulations, ensuring that all products registered under the certification always adhere to the requirements.

License Renewals

We facilitate the renewal application on your behalf when the license nears its expiration.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need product certification?

You need product certification if you want to sell your products – whether that’s domestically or internationally – without delays or restraints. Certification is important because it’s a marker of quality. It reassures consumers that the products are reliable, safe and trustworthy. If you acquire certification, this ensures your products are compliant and you can trade effectively without constraints.

How do you get a product certified?

  • Review the criteria for your product
  • Assess whether you meet the requirements
  • Send a sample of your product to be tested
  • Send all relevant documentation
  • Apply for certification
  • Mark your products accordingly
  • Renew the license when required


What is the aim of product certification?

The aim of product certification is to ensure products are safe and high quality. This means consumers can trust the products they’re buying, and feel reassured that they pose no risk to themselves or others. There are several tests that products undergo to meet the required standards, and they have to meet these requirements in order to become certified.