Tax: up to 5%

Duties: up to 6.5%

Restricted items: None

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

Lead times: 1-2 Weeks 

Best Carrier option: Freight Forwarder or Courier

Prominent Languages: English, French

The Complexities Of Importing into Canada

Much like the USA, Canada has a thriving Technology industry. This is evident in the sheer number of Tech multinationals across the value chain with both headquarters and data centers in Canada as well as the proportion of daily internet users, which reaches close to 90%.  

As with most countries, the compliance required to bring Tech and Medical goods both in and out of Canada can be difficult to acquire and requires a locally registered entity. One major consideration when shipping to Canada is that Canadian customs reserve the right to inspect any goods coming through. So, correct classification is essential to avoid delays.  

How TecEx Can Help You Import into Canada

TecEx can assist with all your global logistics needs in Canada. We offer Non-resident Importer (NRI) services as part of our larger DDP solution. As specialist Non-resident Importers we are also able to provide you with this service as a stand-alone. However, our DDP service is fully comprehensive and includes sourcing customs documentation on your behalf and acting as your NRI, providing you with a seamless, risk-free shipping experience.  

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