Tax: 18%

Duties: 10%

Restricted items: Certain second-hand goods, additional requirements also apply to dual-use goods

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays

Lead times: 19 days

Best Carrier option: Freight forwarder

Prominent Languages: Albanian

The Complexities of Importing into the Kosovo

Kosovo is a growing market for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Business Process Outsourcing enterprises, offering ample opportunities for economic prosperity. However, the country’s import regulations, particularly for dual-use goods and encryption-equipped items, can pose challenges for foreign importers.  

The Kosovo Customs Agency is responsible for enforcing import regulations, and importers must comply with their requirements to avoid potential roadblocks in the import process. This can include obtaining various compliance certificates and licenses, tariffs and duties, and the process for obtaining any necessary exemptions. In some cases, additional permits or approvals may be required from relevant government agencies, further complicating the import process.  

It is highly recommended to work with a trusted import partner who has a thorough understanding of Kosovo’s import regulations and can assist in navigating the complexities involved. By preparing ahead of time and ensuring compliance with all regulations, importers can maximize the potential of Kosovo’s thriving ICT industry. 

How TecEx Can Help You Import into Kosovo

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