EU Customs Duty and Global Trade Compliance

| Importing Into Europe

The rising tide of the European Union tech sector ebbs and flows but remains a powerful force. Whether you’re importing into Europe or exporting out, you need to have the expert knowledge to navigate customs clearance in EU member states.

The history of the tech industry in EU countries is long and rich. As a major player in the early development of communication and IT technology, some of the world’s leading tech companies are firmly rooted in Germany, Italy, France, and the Netherlands.

The future of the tech industry on the continent is also bright. With a strong foundation, the industry is well-positioned to benefit from the latest trends going forward for all types of goods. However, the complicated trade agreements and customs formalities in Europe, especially post-Brexit, leave the importing of goods marred by complicated new rules of origin and supply chain hiccups between Europe and non-EU countries.

TecEx offers a streamlined cross-border import/export and compliance solution with EU customs authorities. Our comprehensive end-to-end service ensures a smooth supply chain and simplified global trade. This includes customs declarations, import duties, and more. With our thorough knowledge of EU legislation, import licenses, EORI number applications, and tariffs, we make importing into Europe as easy as can be.