Tax: up to 27%

Duties: up to 20%

Restricted items:

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Lead times: 5-6 weeks

Best Carrier option:

Prominent Languages: Akan, English.

The Complexities of Importing into Ghana

Ranked 79th on world importer rankings, Ghana is a prominent African country in terms of trade. Ghana has an incredibly complex import process, with both pre-and post-inspection being required. Importers are also required to have a Unique Consignment Reference Number and can expect a lengthy and strict import process that requires all documentation to be completed perfectly. When importing into Ghana one can also expect over 15 different types of taxes which can be incurred depending on the type of equipment being shipped. This makes for an extremely complex costing process, which can be even more costly if done incorrectly. For those importing goods that the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) have deemed “high risk”longer lead times can be expected as goods are required to be tested before being imported. Despite the challenges that Ghana poses, it is the new Tech hotspot in Africa. With Tech giants such as Google setting up major AI labs in Accra, and data centers being built across the country, this is a destination to watch.   

How TecEx Can Help You Import into Ghana

TecEx has extensive experience with complex clearance processes, like those found in Ghana. We are able to streamline the process by assisting with the arrangement of all compliance and can assist with pre-and post-inspections. Having extensive experience with Ghanaian customs, we are also able to accurately calculate tax and duty costs, significantly reducing the risk of budgetary errors. We are also able to offer accurate lead times, which are often shorter than competitors.

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