Tax: up to 18%

Duties: up to 25%

Restricted items: Goods from China may require extra compliance

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

Lead times: 2 – 3 weeks

Best Carrier option: Courier

Prominent Languages: Spanish

The Complexities Of Importing into the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a notoriously difficult country to import into. Mistakes in costing are common as goods must be declared at market value, unlike the usual cost value, and goods from China may incur extra tariffs. Compliance requirements for the Dominican Republic are also complicated, and certain permits are tough to come by. As with many developing countries, crime is an issue. Consequently, the carrier used, and liability coverage should be seriously considered. There are frequent complications when using freight forwarders, and it is preferable to use a courier service. Despite all this, several high-end companies have both headquarters and data centers located here.  

How TecEx Can Help You Import into the Dominican Republic

TecEx is the ideal partner to use when shipping into complicated and unpredictable destinations. We have well-established processes for getting goods in-country efficiently. We can also facilitate freight, allowing us control over the entire process and can ensure you are paired with the most appropriate provider for the job. Additionally, we source and check all compliance needs on your behalf, all while providing accurate costings. Our full liability cover is also the most comprehensive cover on the market which adds to the total peace-of-mind shipping experience we offer all our clients. 

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