Tax: up to 8%

Duties: up to 11%

Restricted items: N/A

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays 

Lead times: 1-2 weeks

Best Carrier option: Freight Forwarder or Courier

Prominent Languages: German, French, Italian

The Complexities of Importing into Switzerland

The Swiss IT market has seen a steady increase since 2016 with turnover projected to reach 18.3 billion USD by 2021. Switzerland is also considered to be the most innovative country in the world, with rapid digitalization driven by their transforming banking and financial sectors. Despite not being a member of the EU, Switzerland has managed to achieve an incredible level of integration with the rest of Europe. Having several free trade agreements with countries and territories across the globe, Switzerland is a popular IT hardware import destination. However, Switzerland is not without complication. Road freight is particularly challenging, requiring specific entry permits which are frequently missed. Certain carriers run into this issue more frequently than others and others charge excessively and should be avoided.

How TecEx Can Help You Import into Switzerland

TecEx has an extensive network of carrier partners. While we are happy to work with our clients’ preferred carrier, we can pass on exclusive rates to our clients, ensuring the best outcome each time. TecEx will source the correct documentation for your shipment regardless of carrier choice. By conducting rigorous pre-compliance checks, we provide first-time clearance. With both IOR and EOR capabilities and superior customer service, TecEx is more than an import partner, we are your all-in-one global logistics & compliance solution.

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