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To stay ahead of the trend, discovering new avenues for growth and success is crucial for the international IT supply chain. As a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), understanding the power of the Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) incoterm and partnering with a DDP expert can both maximize your profits and ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Delve into the game-changing advantages of DDP for sellers like yourself.

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How does DDP help a VAR?

Simply put, to win deals!

Delivered Duty Paid is an incoterm delivery agreement between the shipper (seller – you, the VAR) and receiver (buyer – your client). It stipulates that maximum responsibility is placed on the seller, including final delivery, clearing customs, and paying all import costs.

DDP is not just an incoterm, it’s a strategy that makes your products irresistible to buyers. By offering DDP, you make yourself more attractive to clients who value convenience and predictability.

If you need any more convincing here are other benefits that the DDP incoterm can afford you:

Centralized Procurement

Centralized procurement addresses your client’s most significant pain points. With TecEx, you can fulfill all your client’s international IT product needs with a single point of sale – yours.

Less Risk and Responsibility for Your Client

Create a positive buying experience for your customers by embracing DDP. With the seller taking on the import risk and responsibility, buyers can enjoy a hassle-free purchasing process. This leads to repeat business and fosters stronger customer relationships. But don’t worry – with us in your back pocket, TecEx will take on these risks and responsibilities.

End-to-End Solution

Take control of your supply chain with DDP. VARs have the opportunity to optimize shipping routes and choose reliable partners, ensuring timely delivery. DDP places you as the seller in the driver’s seat, allowing for strategic decision-making that can enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

Still Drive the Sale

Remain in control of your deals – no need to share with resellers in the destination country. This control means you can better guarantee that your buyers will receive their goods on time and without any damage. Also, you can choose the safest, most cost-effective routes to generate the best return.

How Can an IOR Supercharge Your DDP Shipping Needs?

If you’re looking to sell DDP but lack the local presence to serve as the importer and don’t have the required compliance expertise to manage associated risks, finding the appropriate Importer of Record (IOR) partner, such as TecEx, is essential.

Partnering with an IOR offers multiple advantages, including:


We handle everything – from pre-compliance to logistics. Our DDP shipping solution empowers you to focus on building connections rather than navigating administrative complexities.


With continuous updates and shipment tracking through our TecEx App, our DDP shipping solution allows you to sit back while we simplify international shipping.

Risk Mitigation

We take on all the risk and responsibility of shipping the IT gear to your client. Also depending on the destination country, we also cover you with our maritime insurance, ensuring your goods are covered throughout the entire trip.

Complete Door-to-Door Solution

As a VAR, partnering with TecEx opens the door to a complete door-to-door solution. Leave us to sort out the logistics and compliance while you focus on selling and expansion.

IOR Expertise for Tech Goods

Our professional IOR and DDP services have already helped transform local value-added resellers into global powerhouses, and we can do the same for you.

Value Adds

With our years of experience, we can make your shipping experience even smoother through value-adds, including white-glove delivery, pre-compliance, and enabling central procurement.

White-Label Us

White-label our services as your own. The TecEx team is ready to hop on calls to explain the process to you (and your client) whenever you need.

TecEx DDP: Your Ultimate Trade Solution

Our DDP solution provides the perfect marriage between the seller and buyer and is the ideal opportunity for VARs to expand their global growth without risk. You can rest assured that your client’s goods are compliant and clear customs effectively. We do the necessary research to get the shipment on the go – from import licenses and certifications to export permits, we have it covered.

Offering full control for sellers like you, we shoulder all import risk and responsibility. This means we can better guarantee that goods will arrive at your client on time and without any damage.

TecEx’s DDP Solution can help you ship to over 200 destinations with ease.

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