The wing of a plane over the sea filled with freight ship in blue sky with bright clouds

IOR Service

When importing to countries where you don’t have a presence, our IOR service helps to mitigate risk and ensures first time clearance of your goods. Get a quote.

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graphic illustration of a shipment ready for export to illustrate the background of EOR

Exporter of Record

TecEx provides a professional EOR service out of 200+ destinations globally. We have years of experience facilitating the export of high-value compliance-heavy IT and Medical equipment.

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Brightly colored shipping containers surrounding blue and white globe showing Delivered Duties Paid

Delivered Duties Paid (DDP)

TecEx streamlines the distribution of IT and Medical Equipment with our Delivered Duty Paid solution, covering everything from pre-compliance to final delivery.

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Conceptual data links on a globe that's brightly lit illustrating global trade compliance

Global Trade Compliance

TecEx are experts in global trade compliance, specialising in medical and IT equipment, helping you to import and export goods globally with ease.

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