Digital Display – The Picture Worth More Than 1000 Words

Smooth and timely delivery of digital displays for brands and retailers around the world, thanks to the TecEx solution.

Digital Display in Retail Stores

Navigating Data Center Networking Equipment Imports into India

The movement of networking equipment into India is heavily regulated, and there are several details to consider when shipping goods in or out of the region.

India Taj Mahal

How TecEx Removed the IOR Risk from one Multinational End-Users Shipments

TecEx helps balance Tech companies IOR risk. Read how we helped a Tech Giant remove the risk from their international shipments and manage their supply chain.

hand pull important color block from balance wooden stack business strategy and risk management control concept

Navigating the Complexities of LATAM Imports

Read about how TecEx facilitated importing sophisticated Video Assistant Referee (VAR) systems during the CONMEBOL Recopa.

Blue digital football player - VAR Technology the TecEx way

From Mid-Size Reseller into a Global Player

Helping businesses reach new frontiers is an incredible benefit of partnering with an IOR and customs compliance specialist such as TecEx.

Digital globe with highlighted worldwide deployment using IOR services

A Global Passport: Scale Your Business

Read how a client’s global fulfilment capabilities now lead their sales process, all as a result of their partnership with TecEx.

Touchpoint on a digital globe using TecEx import compliance and IOR services

Moving Servers in UAE

TecEx assisted as IOR and customs specialists with a multi-million-dollar shipment of server and networking equipment into the UAE.

Functioning servers and IT hardware in a central data center

A Multi-layer Shipment

TecEx was able to manage intricate requirements of their client’s business by offering support, in-depth import compliance, and customized solutions.

Functioning data center with interconnected data streams

An Uncertain Future

Learn how TecEx helped a client source the necessary permits and ship the goods without paying duties and taxes until the import became permanent.

Hand holding a stamp and marking a customs compliance document

Crisis Averted

Read how changes due to Brexit turned a routine shipment into a potential nightmare.

Puzzle illustrating EU flag with missing UK piece