Tax: up to 13%

Duties: up to 23%

Restricted items: Second-hand Goods

Non-working days: Sunday & Public Holidays 

Lead times:  4 - 5 Weeks

Best Carrier option: Freight Forwarder or Courier

Prominent Languages: Tamil & Sinhala

The Complexities of Importing into Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has had a Tech leap forward in the last half a decade which has fuelled a demand for scalable start-ups and propelled the development of Tech resources. Trade opportunities in Sri Lanka reflect the global trends of developing nations, and so, there is a vast arena for growth in the data processing space. The region, however, is subject to rigid customs, approval, and compliance requirements that can make import into the country a challenge.


How TecEx Can Help You Import into Sri Lanka

TecEx has considerable experience shipping to Sri Lanka and is, therefore, able to accurately predict lead times and costings. We remain on top of Sri Lankan permit requirements and goods-approval documentation to ensure timely and hassle-free shipments. Our bespoke solutions mean that we can manage every aspect of your shipment, from the pick-up to final delivery.

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