The TecEx Data Center Solution

Many of TecEx’s most prominent clients are global technology companies that house their infrastructure in Data Center facilities worldwide. Our hassle-free data center import and distribution solution enables these customers to seamlessly deploy their mission-critical gear globally without needing a locally registered entity for import.

The dual-use nature of IT hardware, particularly Data Center networking equipment, makes importing and distributing this equipment an extremely compliance-intensive process. Acting as the importer of goods of this nature can expose your company to significant tax, legal & business risk.

If you partner with TecEx, we’ll act as Importer of Record (IOR) when importing to data centers, removing risk and ensuring your hardware arrives at its destination seamlessly. With over a decade of experience, TecEx is your go-to partner to get IT hardware into 200+ destinations worldwide.

Data Center Importer of Record (IOR)

Each country has different requirements when it comes to their customs policy. As a result, keeping on top of what’s required for each one can quickly become complex (and often frustrating). Not only that, if you don’t meet regulations, your business could have to pay heavy fines. TecEx acts as your Importer of Record (IOR) when importing goods to a data center facility, ensuring this process is as smooth as possible. We have a wealth of experience to draw upon, meaning your goods get cleared, every time.

Learn more about our Importer of Record services.

How Can We Help You?

Colocation Providers

Does your customer need to deploy their gear to one or more of your colocation facilities worldwide? Do they not have a locally registered entity in that foreign country, or maybe they do not know the first thing about getting the goods through customs? TecEx can ensure a seamless deployment of their gear to your colocation facilities globally.


Are you establishing a data centre facility in a foreign country? Do you need to get gear to one of your facilities in a compliance-intensive country, or need to refresh your existing facilities? TecEx can streamline your compliance and mitigate your exposure to any importation risk.

Telecom Service Broker / Data Centre Agents

Is the only thing holding you back from closing a deal not being able to get your customer’s equipment into a foreign country? Can you source IT hardware centrally for less than local prices? Our mutually beneficial Partner Referral Programme will allow you to get your customers’ hardware anywhere globally, irrespective of the sourcing country.

The Broader IT Channel

Our proven track record and in-house expertise are critical to ensuring fast clearance times and first-time customs clearance for all players within the IT channel.