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As the AI revolution continues, more and more businesses are actively integrating AI components into their workspaces to not only stay current but also drive innovation. Without needing to completely invest in the myriad of infrastructure requirements necessary to run models, these AI users will rent capabilities from GPU cloud providers.

This presents a significant opportunity for GPU cloud providers to expand their market presence. However, their success hinges on effectively deploying equipment to meet the demand where it arises. In order to pursue global growth at an international scale, GPU cloud providers need an import and compliance partner to make the process trouble-free.

How to Get Your GPUs Anywhere in the World

With all the red tape, embargoes, and supply chain concerns surrounding AI infrastructure – where do you start? And how do you get it to the various data centers as fast as possible?

This is where we step in. While you focus on providing your clients with the best service possible, we will ensure your GPU cloud infrastructure gets to any data center or PoP around the globe.

Let TecEx help you get your AI gear to site.

GPU cloud providers going global

GPU Cloud Providers and Scaling Your Business

AI is global. Take Europe, for example. Most European companies use genAI in their strategies and processes, with 57% having already invested in this technology. With an uptick market, it’s a no-brainer for any GPU cloud provider to get their gear to Europe. 

Proximity is key to delivering superior service—done in an effort to reduce latency and lag. In general, cloud applications work better when the equipment is closer to the end user. The same applies to the AI cloud.

But as we know, it’s not that easy to import dual-use tech gear—GPUs and integrated tech products in particular. Furthermore, acting as the IOR yourself (for any product) is extremely risky for your business. Using a specialist Importer of Record can be crucial to ensuring you can clear customs efficiently and get your goods to the data center.