What is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)?

The incoterm Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is a delivery agreement between an international shipper and receiver. If goods are shipped with DDP terms, the shipper is responsible for the entire shipment until final delivery. Outsourcing to TecEx removes all the risks and responsibilities of DDP shipping.

TecEx offers a full DDP service, covering everything from pre-compliance to final delivery, including our expert IOR solution.

Learn more about our Full DDP shipping process. 

Our DDP Service

The TecEx Way: Pre-Shipping

Before shipping, we provide you with accurate, upfront cost calculations and in-depth insights into the current compliance requirements for your goods. TecEx then sources all necessary licenses and permits on your behalf. This ensures accuracy and saves you time.

The TecEx Way: In-Transit

TecEx facilitates your freight, and we keep a close eye on your goods throughout the shipping process. We assist by arranging the pick-up of compliant goods, managing global logistics with competitive carrier rates, and facilitating first-time in-country clearance.

The TecEx Way: Post-Clearance

We take care to make sure your goods are safe, right up to installation if necessary. That is why once your goods are in-country, we source secure storage, facilitate final delivery without third-party or secondary transport involvement, and arrange the equipment required for installation.