What is Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)?

DDP is an incoterm rule developed by the International Chamber of Commerce, and is quite widely used within international trade. DDP stands for “Delivered Duty Paid” which is a delivery agreement between an international shipper and receiver. If goods are shipped with DDP terms, the shipper is responsible for the entire shipment until final delivery. Outsourcing to TecEx removes all the risks and responsibilities of DDP shipping.

When a business uses TecEx’s DDP services, we will take on all the risks and responsibilities involved in bringing goods to the destination, clearing the goods for import and export, pay any duty for both export and import and carry out all customs formalities. This is irrespective of the mode of transport selected and may also be used where more than one mode of transport is employed during delivery.

DDP is usually used by a buyer who does not want to enter into any kind of transport contract with any entity themselves. This allows them to use a third party to handle all the associated responsibilities until delivery is made. 

International import and export can be an extremely complex process, with numerous legal obligations to adhere to. It can therefore often be safer to employ a professional DDP shipping service such as TecEx. 

In DDP shipping, TecEx takes on all of the responsibility of the delivery of the goods to the buyer at the agreed destination, so you don’t have to. We offer a full DDP service, covering everything from pre-compliance to final delivery, including our expert Importer of Record solution.

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Why is DDP used?

To protect the buyer

Since TecEx will be assuming all of the risk and cost of shipping products, our customers do not need to worry about making a mistake filling in forms or not adhering to strict import/export guidelines. They can sit back and let us take care of all of that for them.

To ensure safe delivery across countries

When shipping packages halfway around the world, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Every country that we import and export to has its own laws regarding transport, import duties and shipping fees. Our Delivered Duties Paid service ensures that we only send our packages through the safest and most secure channels, ensuring delivery every time.

To avoid international customs fees

If a buyer has to pay customs fees, there’s a chance the sale won’t happen because they don’t know the cost of these fees. With sellers paying international fees, DDP allows for a smoother purchasing experience because the buyer doesn’t have to worry about paying the fees.

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Our Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) Service

The TecEx Way: Pre-Shipping

Before shipping, we provide you with accurate, upfront cost calculations and in-depth insights into the current compliance requirements for your goods. TecEx then sources all necessary licenses and permits on your behalf. This ensures accuracy and saves you time.

The TecEx Way: In-Transit

TecEx facilitates your freight, and we keep a close eye on your goods throughout the shipping process. We assist by arranging the pick-up of compliant goods, managing global logistics with competitive carrier rates, and facilitating first-time in-country clearance.

The TecEx Way: Post-Clearance

We take care to make sure your goods are safe, right up to installation if necessary. That is why once your goods are in-country, we source secure storage, facilitate final delivery without third-party or secondary transport involvement, and arrange the equipment required for installation.