April 9, 2018

TecEx expertise gives client a global passport to truly scale their business

We Give Client A Global Passport To Truly Scale Their Business

The movement of IT equipment around Latin American countries is heavily regulated and the importing
entity faces multiple challenges such as long customs-clearance times, inconsistent interpretation of
customs regulations, and subjective customs inspectors. Another layer of complication is added to the
import when the goods are refurbished.


One of our clients, a provider of SD-WAN solutions, needed to ship their products to 189 individual global locations on behalf of their own client. Their SD-WAN solution makes connecting worldwide branches of the same company cheaper, easier to set-up and ensures faster connection speeds. This solution was required to connect and secure their clients’ offices around the world requiring a minimal number of installation specialists at each site and reducing hassle and cost for the end user

However, this equipment roll-out was a massive undertaking for our client who had no experience in global logistics and customs compliance at such a large scale. While they had initially attempted to tackle the shipping themselves, this resulted in 20 shipments which were stuck in Customs.

At this point the costs, which our client couldn’t predict at the outset, were mounting and they realised they needed expert assistance.


Pressed for time and in need of expert assistance, the client contacted us about the remaining 169 shipments. Only 24 hours after we submitted our quote, TecEx was on the job. Within just seven days, we’d grouped the shipments, successfully shipped 100 items and had even managed to clear five of the 20 shipments stuck in Customs. Within six weeks we were able to complete the shipments to the remaining sites – at completely predictable costs which were provided to our client upfront.

Our expertise and global Importer of Record capabilities gave our client a global passport to truly scale their business. By leveraging our specialty knowledge of shipping technology equipment around the world, our established global relationships, our commitment to double- and triple-check for compliance at every point, and our hands-on service and expertise we were able to step in and turn a potential crisis for our client into a massive success.

This client’s global fulfilment capabilities can now lead their sales process, all as a result of their partnership with TecEx.


  1. Without in-house logistics expertise, the export of IT hardware comes with intimidating
    challenges you may not be able to overcome alone. Partner with a dedicated & experienced team
    to handle all the complexities; with road-tested lists of what’s needed; and with the ability
    and experience to implement.
  2. TecEx was able to quote upfront for the end-to-end costs of getting the full shipment of
    189 locations delivered. This was a game-changer for the client. Within 24 hours, the client knew
    what the entire project would cost them. An important part of your planning is budgeting for fixed
    costs which should be a condition for choosing a reliable partner.

Ideally, your Importer of Record service provider should be able to deal with all the challenges faced
when shipping to a large number of international locations and also largely mitigate the risks for
you. Having the right Importer of Record partner completely changes the game

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