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If you’re looking to expand your Amazon offers internationally but don’t have the time to update them country by country? You can automate this process with the Amazon Build International Listings (BIL) tool.

In this blog post, you’ll learn what the BIL is, how to use it, plus some advantages and things to consider before using it.

What is the Build International Listings (BIL) Tool?

The Amazon BIL tool allows users to automatically update offers in multiple countries from a source marketplace, helping you to sell your goods internationally.

You can manage this all-in-one place rather than repeating the process of updating your listings one by one. It’s an automated tool that streamlines international expansion.

The tool updates the pricing in each market based on the settings you specify in your source market. You can use it in regions with multiple marketplaces, like Europe, or across regions when you link accounts together.

However, you must meet specific requirements to use the tool:

Requirements to Use the BIL Tool

  • Professional selling account rather than an individual seller account.
  • A good standing in a source marketplace.
  • A live offer in your source marketplace because the tool synchronizes listings based on current offers.
  • A European Unified Account if you’re using the tool in Europe.
  • A North America Unified Account if you’re using the tool in North America.
  • Linked accounts are useful if you want to use the tool across regions, such as if you’re an Amazon US seller who wants to expand into Europe.

Tip: Unsure if you have a linked or unified account? Look for the marketplace switcher in your seller account and see whether other marketplaces appear.

How to Use the Build International Listings Tool

  • Get Started

Go to Amazon Seller Account > Inventory > Build International Listings > Get Started.

  • Choose Markets

You’ll need to choose a source market, your primary market. To select this market, you need to have a good standing.

Next, you need to choose new target marketplaces, which are the markets into which you want to expand.

  • Exclude Offers

If you want to exclude an offer in one marketplace, go to Manage Exclusions to include this.

  • Set Offers

You can set offer types based on two conditions:

  • Source offer product condition has two options: new or new and used offers.
  • Source offer fulfillment method has three options: FBA, self-fulfilled, or FBA and self-fulfilled.

Choose the options most relevant to your Amazon business.

  • Synchronise Prices

You can do this by list price, sale price, or list price only.

The BIL will automatically convert the price into the relevant currency for the marketplace.

You can choose from four different options:

  • Same price as source marketplace
  • Percent above source marketplace
  • Percent below source marketplace
  • Fixed amount above source marketplace

Once you’ve selected your options, the price is worked out using the following formula automatically by the tool:

Target market price = (source price + price rule amount) x (current exchange rate)

  • Wait for Amazon

It can take Amazon up to four hours to process your request. You’ll receive an email once this has been completed.

  • Review Offers

Once they’re live, you can review your offers in the Status Report in your Amazon Seller Account.

This report will be saved as a txt file, so open it in an Excel document to view the data. You can see the status of the source and target marketplaces in it, including the list and sale price.

  • Update

To update your offers, prices and more over time, simply go into your Amazon Seller Account and make any adjustments using the steps above.

Advantages of the BIL Tool

Amazon’s Build International Listings tool is quick and easy to use when the items you’re selling already exist in the target marketplaces – i.e., they have the same ASIN.

The tool automates updating the listings for you, which is way more efficient than doing this manually.

Amazon International Listing

Things to Consider Before Using the Tool

Make sure the product you’re selling already exists in your target marketplaces. Otherwise, the tool won’t work, and you’ll have to do it manually instead.

Sometimes, the tool can mistranslate your product listings. This can be very off-putting for users and deter them from making a purchase. As a result, this can affect your sales and profits if you’re not careful. Make sure you get a native speaker to read over the copy once it’s been translated to avoid issues.

If you decide to deactivate an offer later down the line in your source marketplace, this isn’t automatically deactivated in other marketplaces. You’ll have to do this manually, so bear this in mind.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, the Amazon BIL tool is a quick and easy way to do this. It takes away a lot of the hassle of updating listings and automates the process instead.

As long as you’re careful and consider all the above top tips beforehand, the tool can positively impact your sales and revenue.

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