Tax: up to 14%

Duties: up to 20%

Restricted items: Second-hand goods

Non-working days: Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays 

Lead times: 3-4 weeks

Best Carrier option: Freight Forwarder or Courier

Prominent Languages: Sesotho; English

How TecEx Can Help You Import into Lesotho

Lesotho is a uniquely located country, surrounded on all sides by South Africa. Its unique location can make importing into Lesotho a challenge. This is further complicated by its mountainous geography and high rates of crime and corruption. Despite being one of the first SADC countries to reform its ICT market in the 1990s, Lesotho is considered underdeveloped.

Yet, this small country has managed to maintain a small local ICT industry, producing some exciting IT applications. Tech development has been slow when compared to other Southern African countries.  Despite having some of the highest mobile penetration in the region but one of the lowest broadband penetrations. This, along with many other challenges faced by this country’s ICT market are due to low competition in the market.  The government has made several moves to improve conditions. These include launching the Lesotho Academy of Science and Technology to boost skills. There has also been a government-led drive to encourage foreign and local investment in the Basotho ICT market.

Importing into Lesotho comes with significant complexity and can be challenging. TecEx offers expert Importer of record and compliance services into Lesotho, helping you achieve seamless, stress-free shipping every time. Contact the TecEx team for a solution tailored to you.

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