How TecEx Can Help You

As a distributor, your need for IOR services may not be as apparent as it may for your reseller partners. However, TecEx can add significant value to your business by providing you with a smooth and efficient DDP solution for bespoke projects.

TecEx works with some of the top distributors globally, providing them with the opportunity for central procurement and a fast and effective alternative lane for bespoke projects for key strategic partners.

Central Procurement

For distributors, the concept of central procurement may not be foreign. With many already providing a central procurement option to their resellers, TecEx allows those who cannot offer this to do so.

Client Loyalty

Being unable to fulfill key clients’ international needs in time means taking on the risk of introducing them to international partners. Partnering with TecEx gives you the ability to meet tight timelines that your established lanes may not be able to facilitate. This gives you more control over deals and removes the need for clients to look elsewhere.

Regulated Hardware Configuration

Regulating engineering work on goods from multiple suppliers is challenging. Your reseller can ensure that only one team of trusted engineers completes all the configuration work with central procurement. This results in greater system conformity and regular communication between all parties involved.

Simplified Project Management

TecEx enabled central procurement means your client needs only raise one purchase order for the entire project. This reduces paperwork and removes the need for multiple engineering teams.

Cost Efficiency

Bulk orders create fantastic opportunities to develop goal congruency with your OEM representatives. Centralizing deals and placing larger orders often lead to discounted prices. Pass this saving onto your clients to further incentivize procuring goods from you, growing your profits.

IOR for Key Strategic Partners

We have proven ourselves to be a reliable and invaluable partner for distributors conducting strategic deals and bespoke projects.

We pride ourselves on our quick delivery time, with average ETAs of no more than two weeks. TecEx handles everything in the quickest and most risk-free way possible.

Enjoy minimized risk and maximized client satisfaction with our DDP solution. With TecEx’s global reach, we ensure you are always able to meet key clients’ adapted end-buyer’s needs.

We’ll help you find the solution that works for you

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