What the new definition of exporter
means for your business:

To export goods out of the EU, your company needs to be established in the EU.

Following the implementation of Brexit, your company will need to be established in the UK to export from the UK.

If your company is not established in the EU or UK this is not a problem and there is no need to set up a company. TecEx is authorized to act as an Exporter of Record.


The UK export license application process, even for UK established businesses, is admin intensive and can take months to approve. If you are looking to export from the UK instantly and without waiting for the lengthy license application, contact us today as TecEx is accredited with an open license for you to use.
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Exporter of Record Services

Navigating the environment of export compliance can be challenging – especially within the field of high value, large scale networking equipment. Avoid unnecessary delays, costs and other inconveniences by partnering with the very best.

TecEx offers seamless and hassle-free export shipping services to industry leaders in the technology space through our dedicated team of export compliance specialists. We have the expertise and global network to effectively manage the process of exporting intricate and expensive IT technology components.

What is An Exporter of Record?

An Exporter of Record (also known as an EOR) is an entity that is responsible for ensuring all goods exported out of a country or territory are shipped with the right documentation, complying with local laws and regulations. An Exporter of Record takes on the risks and responsibilities associated with exporting goods ensures the goods arrive at the importing destination.

Why an Exporter of Record is needed

There are many instances where even an international technology corporate would need the help of an Exporter of Record. An organisation may need to export networking goods from their divisions in a foreign country as a result of a return or replacement process, but may not be able to do so for several reasons:

  • They may not have a registered entity in a foreign destination;
  • They have a registered entity, but are not registered to export;
  • They are registered to export but do not have specific licences and permits;
  • Or, they are registered for all the above but do not have the knowledge on local compliance, or do not want to take on the risk associated with the shipment.

By allowing TecEx to facilitate your export shipments, you can remain stress-free with peace of mind that your high-value networking goods are in the best hands.

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Why choose TecEx to act as your Exporter of Record?

TecEx’s wealth of experience and team of compliance experts will make your exporting experience hassle-free. We provide a complete solution for the movement of high value, large scale technology components through our extensive global network. We achieve this efficiency through also being a specialist IOR (Importer of Record) in over 200 countries and territories.

List of Exporter of record responsibilities & duties

Responsibilities and duties as an exporter of record:

  • Secure export clearance for your goods;
  • Ensure your company’s compliance with all export regulations;
  • Make all export fee related payments on your behalf;
  • Determine the time of export of your defined goods;
  • Be accountable for the release of your specified shipment at its origin; and
  • Maintain Exporter of Record documentation for a specified period (country dependent) for audit purposes.

How much do Exporter of Record services cost?

We quote on a per shipment basis and would typically quote your business based on the specifications of each shipment, and thereafter would prepare and submit the shipping documentation on your behalf. TecEx would be named as the shipper or exporter as we ensure that all filing, compliance and clearing are completed efficiently.

Our service team is the heart of our business as we work tirelessly to ensure fast turnaround times. While delivery times are country dependent, it is possible to deliver on Exporter of Record requirements within 24 hours.

Contact TecEx for all your Export Shipping Services & Exporter of Record requirements.

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