North America can be split into two very distinct regions; the North (i.e., United States of America and Canada), and the south (i.e., Mexico, Dominican Republic, and smaller Central American countries). The Northern countries tend to have far more robust economies, housing several Tech and Medical global players. Although the trade war with China has complicated transactions, importing to the USA or Canada is secure and fairly low cost in terms of duties and taxes,

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However, when moving further south, international trade becomes increasingly more complex and riskier. Although trade wars have had a knock-on effect in terms of tariffs, this is only one of many hurdles that must be overcome. As with many developing countries worldwide, taxes and duties on imported goods tend to be higher to stimulate the local economy. Furthermore, with more significant portions of the population living below the poverty line, crime becomes a factor when importing into several southern destinations.

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Despite the challenges this region possesses, it is also one of the most popular areas for foreign investment. While first-world countries like the United States and Canada offer stable investment opportunities, the developing markets in the region are often flagged as ones to watch.

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