What is an Exporter of Record

An Exporter of Record (EOR) is an entity that is responsible for ensuring goods are exported successfully. This includes acquiring and accurately documenting the necessary export compliance requirements. Furthermore, the EOR ensures that all export regulations and laws are followed.

TecEx provides a professional EOR service out of 200+ destinations globally. Contact one of the TecEx Team members for more information!

Why Should I Use an Exporter of Record?

Using an EOR will save you time and money. A professional EOR service will reduce complications with shipments and help with shipments reaching their destination effectively. This will reduce the risks to your company and streamline export efforts.

Outsourcing your EOR also means you can export out of new destinations without extensive research and development efforts. A global EOR will open a world of new business possibilities.

When is an Exporter of Record Needed?

EOR is frequently needed in Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) transactions. Those affected by Brexit and EU Export legislation also commonly require EOR. Further instances are where:

  • You do not have a registered entity in the foreign destination;
  • You have a registered entity but are not registered to export;
  • You are registered to export but do not have specific licenses and permits;
  • You are registered for all the above but do not have the knowledge of local compliance or do not want to take on the risks.

How does TecEx Exporter of Record Service work?

When using our Exporter of Record services, the clearance and filings are done in TecEx’s name. As a result, all associated risks lie with us. We will also:

  • Secure export clearance for your goods and ensure compliance with export regulations;
  • Fulfill all financial obligations;
    Determine the time of export;
  • Stand accountable for the release of goods; and
  • Maintain EOR documentation for audit purposes.