The TecEx Platform – Free Access to the World

The TecEx Platform allows our customers to track and monitor their shipments, and is a reliable tool for costing. By offering a full breakdown of all predicted costs, as well as tax ranges for Pro-forma quotes, our platform provides invaluable insights for planning your shipment.

All quotes that we produce for our clients factor in fluctuations in the exchange rate and country-specific duty rates, giving you the most accurate forecast possible.

We provide the most accurate quotes in the industry by accounting for all of the following import-related costs:

  • IOR or EOR costs
  • Taxes and duties
  • Customs and brokerage
  • License and permit fees
  • International logistics and Local delivery
  • Storage costs
  • Insurance cover and Financing costs

Pricing Structure


The Importer of Record/Exporter of Record fee is applied when TecEx acts as your representative, either as the importer or exporter, in the foreign destination for your shipment. This fee may differ across countries and is determined by the level of risk TecEx assumes in that particular destination.


Import Duty and Taxes are fees enforced by foreign governments on goods brought into their country. At TecEx, we utilize our deep understanding of local regulations to provide accurate estimations of these charges. Our calculations take into account the specific attributes of your shipped products, the relevant duty rates, as well as any additional non-recoverable local taxes and levies. As part of our thorough customs clearance process, we handle the payment of these fees on your behalf.


Our brokerage, clearance, and handling charges encompass all fees associated with the efficient clearance of your shipment through customs and the smooth execution of local and international delivery. We consolidate all relevant charges transparently, providing accurate cost estimates upfront.